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Westminster Chime Pendulum Movement 10-20mm

From: $65.00

This electronic quartz pendulum movement plays the Westminster chime melody on the  1/4,1/2,3/4 & hour .

It counts the hours on the hour. 

Built in speaker, horn shape for louder resolution.  It has a 24 hour chime- no night shut off.

A free pendulum rod and bob is included.

If you are wanting a really good authentic sounding chime with more options we suggest that you upgrade to either the Seiko Chiming movement or the Quad chiming delux movement.

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American "I" Shaft-3mm dial thickness.

  • Operates on 1 "C" cell battery (not included)
  • 1 year guarantee
  • 2 shaft sizes 16mm & 20mm dial (face) thickness
  Dial Thicknes Threaded Shaft Overall  Shaft Length


10mm 12mm 20mm
 PQ-WL  16mm 18mm 25mm


20mm 22mm * 32mm

 Movement Dimensions  H 120 &  pendulum x W 78mm x D 30 mm  & detachable speaker which is fitted to the back of the movement and makes the overall thickness of the movement  45mm.

Diameter of  threaded shaft.   10mm 

Life expectancy   5+ years .

Clock Hands & numbers can be ordered separately.

This movement is suitable for hands on this website up to 150mm long.

If you are repairing a clock movement it is still advisable to purchase new hands as well as giving the clock a nice fresh look it assures a good fit.

Hands are often not interchangeable from brand to brand.

It is easy to damage the clock shaft when attempting to fit wrongly bushed hands and this is not covered by warranty.


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