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Kieninger KSU Movement


From: $1650.00

The Kieninger 8-Day, Cable-Driven, Triple-Chime Movement with Rotating Moon Dial features a fully tuned 12 rod chime assembly for excellent melody and hour strike.

Kieninger German made Delux Cable movement.

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 Kieninger German made Delux Cable HSU  movement.

  • This mechanical movement has the option of 3 different chime melodies.
  • Westminster, Whittington or St. Michaels manual or an automatic chime sequence that plays all 3 melodies automatically changing melodies at each hour.Fully tuned 12 rod chime assembly for melody and hour strike.
  • Manual selection of Westminster, Whittington, or St. Michaels melodies.
  • Automatic chime sequence. On this setting, the movement will play Westminster, Whittington, and St. Michaels in sequence, automatically changing melodies every hour.
  • Twisted-rod lyre pendulum has an intricately etched 10 1/2" diameter brass bob with a 15" swing.
  • Brass weight shells.
  • Moving moon dial is polished brass with raised numerals and applied hour/minute and second hand time rings; 40mm H x 80mm W.
  • 120mm black serpentine hands and second hand.
  • Full 2-year warranty.
  • Weight drop: 1. 256m
  • Quarter hour chimes can be silenced; Hour strike still chimes
  • Features a night shut off feature and a total silence option
  • Pendulum Length: 116cm

Please read all instructions carefully

We highly recommend that this movement be installed by a mechanical clock maker, failure to do so may void the warranty.

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