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Hermle Mechanical Chain Driven Triple Chime Pendulum Movement

From: $1750.00


Hermle Movement W1151.053094

With the choice of the following 3 chime melodies.

Westminster / St Michaels /Whittington.

This German movement has the following features-

*Rotating Moon Dial

* Automatic night time shut off option (last chime 9.45 first chime 7am).

*Automatic chime synchronization.

*Auto Pendulum  Beat Adjustment.

*12 rear chime hammers - steel rod assembly mounted to rear of clock case.

*3 Polished Weight Shells 40 x 264 mm.

*3 Cast Weights  1x 3.3kg 2 x 2kg.

* Hand shaft length 53.1mm

* Plate size 120 X 120 .

* Black Serpentine Hands to suit.

* Brass chains.

* Fittings, Fixings, Clock oil and Installation Instructions.

* Lyre Pendulum 140mm.

This movement suits the following HB clock Plans

 912, 917, 918, 919

Why I recommend this movement.

Hermle is a long established clock manufacturer situated in the Black Forest Area of Germany.

The movements are good value for money, great quality and very reliable.

Personally I love to be able to have the choices of chime  melodies as well as the night silence option.

Plans are readily available.

Fine Print- 

The pricing above does not include the plan, timber, glass or brass fittings.

This movement is best installed by a qualifed/ experienced mechanical clock maker.Warranty may be voided by incorrect installation.

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