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  • Bim Bam Clock Movement|Bim Bam Clock Movement
  • Bim Bam Clock Movement|Bim Bam Clock Movement
  • Bim Bam Clock Movement|Bim Bam Clock Movement
  • Bim Bam Clock Movement|Bim Bam Clock Movement
  • Bim Bam Clock Movement|Bim Bam Clock Movement

Quartz Pendulum Mechanical Bim-Bam

From: $160.00

Pricing chart
Qty Price (per unit)
1 - 1 $160.00
2+ $150.00

This product is the only quartz pendulum mechanical Bim-Bam clock on the market today.

It has the rich sound of a traditional mechanical Bim-Bam movement
This Bim-Bam movement strikes on half hour and does an hour count on the hour.

Look at the photographs for measurements.

Made in Japan.

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*170mm W x 180mm H x 50mm D. This movement has a mechanical strike

* Pendulum - 380mm adjustable pendulum rod and bob is included in the price.

* Bob sizes 50mm, 70mm & 90mm approx.

*It can also be operated without a pendulum.

* No second sweep option.  

* Chime has an on off switch but does not have a night silence feature.

*1X  "D" battery,

  Dial Thickness Threaded Shaft Overall Shaft 
QPMBB 12mm 14mm 20mm

( if you need a night silence feature try the Delux Quad Chime Movement.

All pricing listed on this website is for online orders & purchase orders only.

Yes do purchase a set of hands, even if you are replacing a movement in a existing clock the old hands may not fit.

This movement doesn't use a second sweep.

This movement will work hands with a minute hand up to 150mm in length.

Installation see attached file

Bim Bam Fitting instructions

As per diagram for the standard clocks.

Remember be gentle do not overtighted the nuts .

You may use 2 small screws to attach the  clock movement to the wooden back of the clock dial.

*Remove the foam packign material between the chime rods and the hammers.

Use one fresh "D" size battery.

Move the bim bam switch to "on"

Use the minute hand as a wrench to turn the minute hand shaft in a clock wise direction until the clock chimes.

Count the chimes ( it chimes once on the half hour - bim bam 2 strikes , and for the hour it strikes Bim bam 2strikes for each hour.

Put the hands on ( as per diagram) at the time that the clock is striking eg . 4pm put the hour pointing to 4pm and the minute hand pointing to the 12.

Turrn chime option off.

Rotate minute hand in a clockwise direction to the time you wish to set the clock at.

Turn on the Chime.

and enjoy!

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