Fixing a mantle clock for under $15

by Rohan | February 24, 2016
Fixing a mantle clock for under $15

How to turn a op shop find broken mantle clock into a functional clock for under $15

Step 1 Remove the old movement, this clock has been attempted to be fixed with a battery movement previously so it was quick and simple as only the hands and hex nut on the front needs to be undone.  If your clock has a mechanical movement it will be more involved.

Step 2 Once the old movement is removed you will be able to measure the dial thickness to decide which movement will best suit, the best fit for this clock was a 3mm dial thickness movement.

Step 3 Choose new hands as most likely the old hands wont fit, I choose a retro hand with the code of M3 which is 70mm in length.

Step 4 Install the new movement as per instructions making sure to only do hex nut up finger tight, if this nut is over tightened it will damage the movement.

Step 5 Install the hands as per instruction making sure that the hands are not touching the glass or each other. I decided not to use a second hand for this but if you do there is only minimal room between the glass, if it hits on the glass it will cause the clock to run slow.

Step 6 Put a AA battery in and set the time by the adjuster on the back and you now have an accurate mantle clock with style.

This clock would of had a poor quality mechanical movement to begin with but some clocks are quite valuable as original and it is worth restoring the mechanical movement or keeping the mechanical movement so it can later be converted back to mechanical if one wishes.

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