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For those of you who want a bit of history about Let's Make Time Clock Company

Let's Make Time Clock Company was born because so many people wanted to make their own clocks. Originally part of Gary Pye Woodturning Supplies and later GPW, Let's Make Time Clock Company happened almost accidentally and I still pinch myself wondering how I ended up selling clocks and clock parts for a living.

It began in the late 1980's when we sold woodturning supplies from the workshop area of our home.

The clock side of the business grew and eventually in 1995 I began doing it full time. I have not looked back as far as the clocks go.

I absolutely love what I do and enjoy meeting our many customers and looking after their clock making needs.

We supply clock making parts to individuals, manufacturers, schools, clock repair shops and other businesses.

Lets make Time Clock Company has always been dedicated to supplying customers with good quality clock products at an affordiable price.

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