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Seiko Double Chime Pendulum Movement 6mm & 20mm

From: $99.00

Seiko chiming movement  Pendulum  Style

( If you want the clock movement to work a pendulum choose the  pendulum style even if you don't need a new pendululm.)

 This  SEIKO chiming movement offers the latest technology and good sound quality.

Westminster and Whittington Chime options with Night Silence option.

A DURACELL Battery exp 2028  is available for an extra cost of $2.75



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With Pendulum 

Removable 57mm  diameter speaker - 20mm thick

  • American "I" Shaft-3mm dial thickness.
  • Operates on 1 "C" cell battery (not included)
  • Volume Control
  • 3 year guarantee
  • 2 shaft sizes  6mm & 20mm dial (face) thickness
  Dial Thicknes Threaded Shaft Overall  Shaft Length


6mm 8mm 16mm


18mm 20mm * 30mm

Movement Dimensions  H 112 &  pendulum x W 81 x D23 mm  & detachable speaker which is fitted to the back of the movement and makes the overall thickness of the movement  45mm.

Diameter of  threaded shaft.   8 mm 

Life expectancy   5+ years 

Price includes Pendulum & Bob  .

This SEIKO chiming movement offers the latest technology and good sound quality. These movements allow you to choose between the traditional Westminster and Whittington chime patterns, both of which feature a partial melody on each quarter hour, and full melody and an hour count on the hour.

You also have the option of using the Night Strike Silence Switch to silence the movement from 11:01 pm until 6:59 am or letting it run 24 hours a day.

This model also allows you to leave the speaker attached to the movement or remove it and use the speaker bracket to position the speaker where it will sound the best. The speaker position in a clock is important, and you decide what is best for your application.

Clock Hands & numbers can be ordered separately.

This movement is suitable for hands on this website up to 150mm long.

(Not suitable for High Torque Hands).

If you are repairing a clock movement it is still advisable to purchase new hands as well as giving the clock a nice fresh look it assures a good fit. 

Hands are often not interchangeable from brand to brand so it is cheaper to purchase new hands when buying the clock movement rather than discover that the old hands don't fit and have to place a new order for them.


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