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Pour on Gloss Crystal Clear Finish 4 Litres

From: $145.00

Pour On Gloss

Australian Made Resin suitable for Timber,

2 pack plastic resin kit -suitable to be poured onto a level surface.

It sets to a hard, strong, non brittle glossy coating.

It can also be brushed onto uneven surfaces.

It is designed for inside use and is resistant to most household chemicals & liquids including wine.

It is UV resistant.

Suitable to use with photographs.

Included in the kit

1 Bottle of Resin 2L

1 Bottle of Hardner 2L

2 measuring cups

Pr rubber gloves

2 Stiring sticks

An "Instructions for use"- brochure.

When using this product it is vitally important to follow the instructions.

Keep out of reach of children.

Please contact us to confirm shipping costs or you may collect this item in store. 

If ordering online please choose the phone for payment option.

Due to the cost of shipping this item -  extra shipping costs may be payable.

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at 1mm thick 1 litre will cover 1 square metre

at 2mm thick 1 litre will cover 1/2 sq metre.

Most coatings are 1-2mm thick.


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