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Hinged Glass Bezel 160mm 3rds.

From: $12.00

Add a Dial for $1

German Glass & Brass Hinged Bezel.

The Brass/ Glass Bezel has a pair of hinged anchor points to attach it to the  clock face.

A catch is included to allow the bezel to be closed securely.

These are german made and are highly sought after for clock making and repairs.

These are 3rds because they have easily visible marks on the brass bezel. 

The bezel would need to be painted / chromed etc before use.

These are ideal if you are wishing to purchase the bezel  so that you can use the glass.

Outside Diameter 160mm.

Add a Metal Dial for $1. (Dials are old stock and may have imperfections when the protective coating is removed - these would be ideal if you want a firm base to stick a paper dial onto!)

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