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USA Made High Torque Movement 10-16mm

From: $35.00

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Qty Price (per unit)
1 - 4 $35.00
5 - 9 $32.50
10 - 19 $30.00
20+ $28.50

US made Takane Torque Clock Movements.

These high torque movements are the most powerful on the market.

They can carry hands with a minute hand up to 450mm ( measured from fixing hole to the longest tip).

These  movements are available in 2  shaft sizes to suit dial thicknesses of up to 10mm and up to 16mm.

An optional hanger is available -suitable for ight weight clocks only.

A DURACELL Battery exp 2028  is available for an extra cost of $2.75


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 These clocks are sold by dial thickness and a variety of shaft lengths may be combined to obtain a quantity discount which is calculated at the checkout.

To choose the proper shaft length size carefully measure the thickness of the material that the clock shaft needs to go through.


  Dial Thickness Threaded Shaft Overall Shaft 
HT10C 10mm 12mm    22 mm
HT16C 16mm 18mm    29mm

If in doubt which size you will need it is better to purchase slightly  larger rather than smaller.


Movement Dimensions              56mm x 78mm x 25mm.

Diameter of  threaded shaft.     11 mm 

Life expectancy                          10 years 

Accuracy  with in 2 minutes per year.

Battery         Size  C

Hanger      A mounting hanger is available - this is only suited for use with light weight clocks.

These prices include the clock movement & necessary hardware including hanger.

Hands & Numbers need to be ordered separately.

Not suited to work a second sweep.

Janines special tip.  If you are repairing an existing clock with a glass/ plastic  lens over  the face it is important to ensure that there is at least 1 cm between the clock face and the lens.

All pricing listed on this website is for online orders & purchase orders only.



Clock Hands & numbers can be ordered separately.

This movement is suitable for all hands on this website up to 450mm long.

Suitable for High Torque Hands.

If you are repairing a clock movement it is still advisable to purchase new hands as well as giving the clock a nice fresh look it assures a good fit. 

Hands are often not interchangeable from brand to brand so it is cheaper to purchase new hands when buying the clock movement rather than discover that the old hands don't fit and have to place a new order for them.


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