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High Torque Continuous Sweep Movement 10mm

From: $42.50

Takane High Torque Continuous Sweep Clock Movement.

ThIs high torque heavy duty continuous sweep movement is the best available.

It can carry hands up to 450mm ( measured from fixing hole to the longest tip of the minute hand).

This movement is available in one  shaft size only  to suit dial thicknesses* of up to 10mm


* All pricing listed on this website is for online orders & purchase orders only.

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  Dial Thickness Threaded Shaft Overall Shaft 
HT10CCS 10mm 12mm    22 mm


Movement Dimensions              56mm x 78mm x 25mm.

Diameter of  threaded shaft.     11 mm 

Life expectancy                           10 years 

Accuracy  with in 2 minutes per year.

Battery         Size  C

These prices include the clock movement & necessary hardware including hanger.

This clock will work both the Standard size  hands and the High Torque hands

Hands.  Click Here for High Torque Hands


Janines special tip.  If you are repairing an existing clock with a glass/ plastic  lens over  the face it is important to ensure that there is at least 1 cm between the clock face and the lens.

* the dial thickness is the thickness of the face. 

Clock Hands & numbers can be ordered separately.This movement is suitable for hands on this website up to 450mm long.

If you are replacing an old clock movement it is still advisable to purchase new hands as well as giving the clock a nice fresh look it assures a good fit.

If you plan to use the existing hands with the new movement the minute hand must be the style that is held on with a little nut.

If you are repairing a clock movement it is still advisable to purchase new hands as well as giving the clock a nice fresh look it assures a good fit. ( It is easy to damage the clock shaft when attempting to fit wrongly bushed hands and this is not covered by warranty.)

  • I have been tested at the shop before packing and have arrived ready to give you many years of accurate tick tocking.
  • I want us to have a long and happy relationship so here are my rules.
  • Ouch don’t use pliers to tighten the hex nut!!! Gently finger tighten only!!!!!!   (I wouldn’t use pliers on you!) 
  • Using hands designed to work on a different brand / style of clock may damage me and will void the warranty.
  • I am not designed for weight bearing.    Ensure that the clock shaft is not responsible for bearing the weight of the clock.
  • If my hour hand seems too tight. Gently scrape the inside of the hole with a penknife blade to enlarge the hole.   Don’t try and force me onto the hour shaft
  • I hate fumes  - make sure that I can breathe.  Timber and thinner fumes get into the plastic workings and clog them up….
  • For high Torque movements please don’t bend the hands- when they are on the clock. The large hands can damage the movement when they are bent whilst still on the clock.  Remove the hands to do this and then put them back on the clock.
  • If you treat me right I will be accurate to within 2 minutes per year and last for about 10 yrs. 


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