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High Torque Continuous Sweep Mini Movement 6-8 mm

From: $30.00

High Torque Continuous Sweep Movement.

This silent movement will work hands up tp 450mm and work a HT second sweep as well.

It is designed to go through a dial thicknesses up to 8mm.

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Overall shaft length


Threaded shaft length  
suits dials up to 8mm.


To check that this movement will meet your requirements carefully measure the thickness of the material that the clock shaft needs to go through,( this is the dial thickness).  The  movement is suited to go through 8mm of material ( timber ceramic)- if the material is thicker than this the movement can be used if you recess the movement into the back of the clock.


Dial Thickness

Threaded Shaft

Overall Shaft 





Remember it is better to purchase slightly larger rather than smaller.

Movement Dimensions             55 x 55 x 15 mm 

Diameter of  threaded shaft.     8 mm 

Life expectancy                       10+ years  approx.

Accuracy                                 within 2 minutes per year.

Battery  size                            AA

These prices include the clock movement & necessary hardware.







This movement is suitable for hands on this website up to 450mm long.

If you are replacing a movement on an old clock it is still advisable to purchase new hands.  It will give the clock a nice fresh look and it assures a good fit. If you plan to use the existing hands with the new movement the minute hand must be the "i" shaft style that is held on with a little nut.

Hands are often not interchangeable from brand to brand so it is cheaper to purchase new hands when buying the clock movement rather than discover that the old hands don't fit and have to place a new order for them.

Firstly - Gentle does it-do not overtighten the nuts- it will damage the clocks.

Janine's tip.  Remember to check that there will be enough room between the clock dial and the clock lens when repairing or making a clock that has a protective glass on the front.  You need 12mm clearance to prevent the hands from touching the glass.


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