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  • High Torque Pendulum |High Torque Pendulum
  • High Torque Pendulum |High Torque Pendulum
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  • HT pendulum mov wiht optional hanger|HT pendulum mov wiht optional hanger
  • HT pendulum mov wiht optional hanger|HT pendulum mov wiht optional hanger

High Torque AA Pendulum Movement

From: $35.00

Optional Clock Hanger $2.50

These are very popular for large clock repairs and making large clocks.

They can carry hands with a minute hand up to 450mm ( measured from fixing hole to the longest tip).

These  movements are available in 1 shaft size only to suit dial thicknesses up to 6mm. ( Can be extended to 8mm by using a recessed Barrel nut.)

A Silver metal hanger is available for this clock as an optional extra.



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  Dial Thickness Threaded Shaft Overall Shaft 
HT6AAPEND 6mm 8mm    21 mm

Diameter of  threaded shaft.     8mm 

Life expectancy                           5 years 

Accuracy  with in 2 minutes per year.

Battery Size AA

This high Torque Pendulum Movement is ideal for large pendulum clocks. This is a great movement for repairing or restoring older clocks.

Price includes hardware,

Hands need to be ordered separately

Order a bob and  a rod  separately at an additional cost or choose the option above.

50/70 & 90 size bobs come with a 40cm rod.

67mm Bob comes with a 30cm rod.

This movement will work all of the hands on this website up to and including hands  450mm long.

If you are repairing a clock and have a set of hands from the exisitng clock that you would like to use you will most likely be able to use them if  minute hand will need to be the "I" shaft style  which means that minute hands is  held on by a small nut.

Do I need new hands? 

If both the minute and the hour hand are push on .  YES .

If the minute hand is held onto the clock by a small nut the existing hands can most likely be used.

All pricing listed on this website is for online orders & purchase orders only.


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