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Continuous Sweep Movement 6mm-12mm

From: $18.00

Pricing chart
Qty Price (per unit)
1 - 4 $18.00
5 - 9 $16.50
10 - 24 $15.00
25+ $12.50
  • These  silent movements are available in 3 shaft sizes to suit dial thicknesses of 3mm,10mm &12mm.
  • These clocks do not have a ticking sound . This makes them ideal for bedrooms and anywhere that you want your clock to" be seen but not heard".
  • The second sweep hand moves in a gliding motion.
  • This movement is designed to work hands up to 150mm.
  • We suggest that you order new hands to suit.
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  • To choose the correct shaft length size. Carefully measure the thickness of the material  ( e.g wood, ceramic,glass etc ) that the clock movement shaft will need to go through.
  • These clocks are sold by dial thickness and a variety of shaft lengths may be combined to obtain a quantity discount which is calculated at the checkout.
  Dial Thicknes Threaded Shaft Overall  Shaft Length
QC-CS 6mm 9mm 18mm
QCM-CS 10mm 13mm 22mm
QCF-CS 12mm 14mm 24mm
  • If in doubt which size you will need. It is better to purchase slightly longer shaft size rather than shorter.

  • Movement Dimensions  55 x 55 x 15 mm 

  • Diameter of  threaded shaft 8 mm 

  • Battery  size  AA

  • These prices include the clock movement & necessary hardware.

  • "i" shaft Style.

  • These clock movements suit hands up to 150mm ( minute hand centre to tip).

  • These clock movements are also suitable for  High Torque Retro Hands up to 125mm.
  • For  clocks requiring longer hands choose a high torque movement.

  • This pricing is only available for online sales and purchase orders

If you are repairing a clock movement it is still advisable to purchase new hands as well as giving the clock a nice fresh look it assures a good fit. ( It is easy to damage the clock shaft when attempting to fit wrongly bushed hands and this is not covered by warranty)

If doing a clock repair it is advisable to choose new clock hands as not all hands are interchange

Remember Gentle does it best.

Do not overtighten the hex nuts.


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