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Barometer Ivory 180mm

From: $47.50

  • Ivory face, Brass Bezel & Glass lens.
  • Ivory Skeleton style barometer mechanism-to match the clocks, thermometers and hygrometers on this website.
  • All Ivory weather instruments are the same colour in real life regardless of any colour variations that may appear in the photographs. (Clock & watch parts are extremely difficult to photograph as the glass & brass are very reflective).
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These Ivory faced barometers are available in 4 sizes.

Faces vary slightly been sizes.

 Outside Diameter Fixing Hole Size  Fixing Method Mounting Depth  Overall Depth
70mm 63mm Plastic Ring  20mm 34mm
90mm 63mm Plastic Ring 20mm 36mm
130mm 100mm Metal fixing  pins 20mm 41mm
 180mm  130mm  Metal Fixing Pins  20mm  45mm
  • I have been selling these for a number of years now and have found them to be very reliable.
  • Matching Thermometers , Hygrometers and Clocks  are also available on this webpage.
  • Most Australian Timbers suit  the Ivory rather than the Gold faced instrumentsThese are  good value for money and look great set into weather stations.

Remember to drill the fixing hole completely through the timber so that the instrument can breathe.

To set the instrument.

Check your local weather - you could try this site Willy Weather.

Use a very small screw driver to move the screw at the back of the barometer -so that the barometer needle is pointing to the correct barometric setting.


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