Choosing the Correct Clock Movement

by | February 4, 2016

Choosing the Correct Clock Movement

How to Work Out What to Buy!

Every day we receive numerous phone calls and emails asking this very question.

There are so many options available. This page is designed to help you make this very important decision.

Firstly you need to work out what sort of clock you are looking for?

Is it a black box or a fit up clock


If it just the movement ( That black box thingy usually called a clock movement, clock mechanism or clock motor).

It may look something like this- there are lots of different options available as you will notice from this website.

The first question is "How long is the minute hand?" ( longest hand that the clock movement it needs to work!)

If the minute hand is over 150mm from centre where it fits onto the clock shaft to the longest tip you will need to purchase a high torque (high powered)  movement and it may need new hands as well. Like car parts not all parts are interchangeable between models.

When chosing the movement that you need remember that it is important to take into account the thickness of the material that the shaft of the clock needs to go through.- dial thickness.

*If the clock has a glass/ plastic lens over the front of the clock you will need to take note of the dimensions of the movement-(Listed on the web page to ensure that there will be enough room between the face and the glass / lens. (If the hands are hitting the glass the clock won't keep correct time.)

Remember clock hands are not always interchangeable. It is advisable to purchase new high torque hands at the same time.
If the minute hand is less than the 150mm in length you can use any of the movements listed on this website. Yipee so many choices. Just look for the features that you want.

Pendulum? Chimes? Continuous sweep (no tick)? 24hour etc even high Torque

The most important thing to note is the specification of the dial thickness- the thickness of the material the clock movement shaft will go through - the available options for each movement are stated on the website.

If the movement has a glass / plastic lens over the face you will also need to take note of the dimensions listed on the web page to ensure that there will be enough clearance for the hands to work without touching the lens/glass..

(If the clock shaft is too long it can usually be packed out at the back -( with a bit of cardboard/ ply or even double sided tape). So that not so much of the centre shaft is sticking through to the front.

If the clock face is open with no lens over the front- a little bit of extra shaft length at the front is fine so again you are not limited.

eg if you have a 3mm dial and want to use a delux chime with a 12mm dial thickness - that is fine.

But if you have a 20mm thick piece of material ( wood ceramic etc) that the clock shaft needs to go through and you want to use a movement with a 12mm dial thickness you will need to remove 8mm of material if you want it too fit.


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